Ezekiah Grimme

The Reverend Ezekiah Grimme heads the Church of Lost Angels. According to the story propagated by Grimme and his followers, he led a small group of survivors inland from the Great Maze and founded the City of Lost Angels where they made landfall. To most, Grimme is a stern, but kind man: when he gives his weekly sermon at the Cathedral of Lost Angels at the center of the city, it is followed by an “all-you-can-eat” meal: a luxury in the perpetually shortage-stricken Maze.

The Posse have discovered that Grimme has a dark secret. The original Reverend Grimme, a truly pious and kind man, was stranded with his flock after the Great Quake of ‘68: they couldn’t escape their island and had no food or water. Many of his flock suggested resorting to cannibalism. Grimme refused, insisting the Lord would provide. Grimme’s followers were split among the loyal, who refused to consider cannibalism, and those who insisted on survival at any cost. Finally, Grimme and his loyal were killed and eaten.

The thirteen survivors were bound by the horror of their act and the guilt of their betrayal: the “new” Reverend Grimme was born from their bond, a supernatural being of great power wearing a human form. It was this Grimme who founded the Church (and City) of Lost Angels, and who continues to foster cannibalism fueled by famine in all lands within his reach. The “new” Grimme cannot be killed by normal means. But the Posse has discovered that he can be killed by destroying his thirteen followers, who are now the “Elders” of the Cult of Lost Angels. Each year, on the anniversary of their landfall, the Elders must renew their bond. They usually do so at the Cathedral at the center of the city.

The Posse are attempting to use seven glyphs scattered around the Great Maze to trigger an earthquake that will flood Lost Angels and kill the Elders and Grimme. Once the glyphs are marked in blood, the earthquake can be triggered by a final blood offering from any character who has marked any glyph, at the desired epicenter of the quake.

Ezekiah Grimme

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